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About Us

Verus LLC, was founded in 2003 by partners who had previously worked together as one the management team of the one of the largest mass tort claims facilities in history. While working together, they had been responsible for processing over 450,000 asbestos personal injury claims, and billing, collecting, managing and disbursing over $6 billion in settlement funds, litigation expenses, and operating expenses.  The founders launched Verus to  provide expert litigation support, risk management, and claims evaluation services to so that others involved in the complex work of mass torts might benefit from their collective experience.

Over the years, we have grown from the first six members  to a staff of 86 highly experienced professionals. We have achieved our success first by hiring talented people who share a common vision and values, and then by equipping them with purpose-built technology that empowers them to do more and encourages creativity.  This combination has allowed us to evolve into a litigation support service provider able to assist clients in practically every area of expertise necessary to the management of complex litigation, such as auditing, accounting, e-discovery, analytics, and contract management, to name a few.

Our sophisticated customers recognize the creativity and unique insights that our team provides. Unlike most service providers, we do not depend on software developed by third parties. The software empowering our team was built by the team, with the specific needs of customers in mind.

Through our many years working together, the partners and employees of Verus have maintained a constant focus on our core values:

We stand behind our work product and take responsibility for our team’s decisions.

Our job is not complete unless stakeholders’ concerns have been addressed in a timely manner.

We maintain frank and open dialog to ensure that ethical standards are never a second thought.

We have no doubt that these core values have been and will continue to be the key to our success and that they are closely aligned with the goals of treating all clients and parties promptly, fairly and equitably.

Our Team

Our company is composed of a group of professionals with a wealth of knowledge in the litigation support industry. Our team has experience in claims evaluation, settlement negotiations, project management, operations, marketing, human resources, information technology, statistical analysis, finance, accounting, and legal research.

We hire for attitude as much as skill because we are firm believers that strong principles lead to strong results and added value for our customers.

The list of professionals included in this page was compiled to facilitate contact with those who are more often sought by clients, media, and vendors and is by no means intended to be an all inclusive list.

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Diversity & Civic Engagement

We take diversity seriously, believing that it creates a cooperative and dynamic atmosphere that leads to faster innovation that better serves our clients.  Many different nationalities, religions and professional backgrounds nourish our company with an exceptional range of experiences that enable us to understand business challenges from many unique perspectives. Our employees come from over 20 different countries and speak more than two dozen languages.  Generationally, we are equally divided among Millennials, Gen-X, Gen-Y, and Boomers. When it comes to gender diversity, Verus encourages the development of talented women and men alike. Our senior management team is 50% women, with others advancing to join them.

With the same thought, our success depends on a healthy, vibrant community to provide us with a diverse and creative workforce. In recognition of this, we believe in giving back to the community not only of our money, but also of our time. We provide all employees paid time off for volunteer work, and to encourage them to use this time we organize group volunteer days throughout the year.

The organizations we support have been selected with input from our staff, and reflect our team’s commitment to combatting poverty and protecting the environment.  Those organizations include Home Front, Mercer Street Friends Food Bank, Bowman Hills Wildflower Preserve, and the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association among others. We welcome representatives to our office to generate support on behalf of impactful programs and we regularly conduct company-wide drives to collect food and clothing for surrounding communities.

Our commitment to environmental causes extends beyond volunteering to our efforts to develop and maintain an eco-friendly, sustainable office. We are pushing towards a “zero waste” operation, and have taken such steps as composting organic waste and  eliminating all disposable paper and plastic products from our cafeteria.