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Overview: e-Discovery Services

Verus’ e-Discovery platform combines state of the art technology with the services of outstanding industry professionals. This approach merges the most advanced technology with the  knowledge and skills to maximize results for our clients. Our software assists legal professionals and others uncover the pertinent information “hidden” in electronically stored information (ESI) in order to identify the data that is germane to expedient and agreeable resolution of disputes.

Our proprietary e-Discovery software offers a clean and intuitive interface. This allows users to quickly access the features they need for a specific project, without unnecessary complications.  We have a unique subscription model that is based on a fixed monthly fee which allows clients to have flexibility and only pay for what they use.  Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution offers predictable costs, allowing lawyers greater control over a key component of litigation expenses.

Our software is cloud-based, designed to support mobile use, and to be intuitive – shortening the traditionally steep learning curve for e-Discovery software. Additionally, our platform allows clients to define a customized workflow that is designed for more efficient project management that puts control in the hands of the litigation team.

Our services include:
ESI Analytics
Document Review
Duplicate Detection and Near-Duplicate
Trial Prep and Support

For more information about any of these services, please contact Morten Iversen at