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Time & Expense Management

Complex litigation often involves multiple law firms working together with a common purpose and sharing a common budget.  Managing the time and expense billings of multiple law firms requires a comprehensive time and expense system that can easily collect, validate, and report submissions to those responsible for overseeing the common litigation budget.  Verus’ cloud-based time & expense tracking software was built with the needs of multi-party litigation in mind, and balances features to improve transparency and robust enforcement of good billing practices with the desire for simplicity.

Time & Expense Software Features:

  • Robust security model that offers customizable control over individual users’ security access and accommodates multi-user, multi-project and multi-geographic synchronization.
  • Configurable dashboard that presents relevant information for informed decision making.
  • Support for voice commands for common tasks and data capture.
  • Calendar and project management features that allow users to coordinate shared tasks and events.
  • Time entry forms with customizable fields to suit the projects and task a user needs most
  • Expense entry forms and support direct upload of receipts and other supporting documents using mobile device built-in cameras.
  • Text searching of supporting documentation for improved reporting.
  • Comprehensive validations to enhance accuracy of data capture, enforce billing guidelines, and streamline review.
  • Automated notifications to inform users of upcoming events on their shared calendar, submission deadlines, and review exceptions.
  • Customized reporting that offers statistical analysis of trends, enabling faster resolution of emerging issues and improved decision making by parties exercising oversight.
  • Consulting services to enhance functionality with custom features for unique project requirements.
  • Billing review, auditing, and reporting services to ensure independence, transparency and fairness of distributions.

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