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Case Management and Medical Review

Verus offers a range of services to help law firms manage their mass tort cases, freeing their time to concentrate on the litigation rather than administrative matters. From initial intake review through submitting qualifying claims for payment, Verus can handle the entire process. Because each litigation is unique, Verus works with each client to design a solution that meets their requirements. Verus’ secure and customizable software platform called LUCID provides a real-time view of the work in progress at any time.

Why Verus?

The Verus team has nearly a decade of experience in mass tort case management in a wide range of drug and device litigations. They have been involved in the litigation of some of the most widely-prescribed drugs, including PPI medications, antidepressants and various diabetes drugs, including SGLT2 inhibitors. They have worked on device litigation including transvaginal mesh, IVC filters and hernia mesh. Currently, the team is also working on the 3M combat earplug litigation. The legal professionals, nurses and document reviewers who do this work are all U.S.-based Verus employees. Their goal is to qualify as many claims as possible, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Verus offers flexible payment and financing plans and in most states the fees for these services can be passed on to qualifying claimants as case costs.

Our services include:

Verus reviews the initial intake and related documentation to determine if additional information is needed. If so, Verus can contact the claimant and work with them to get the necessary information or the law firm can be notified so they can follow up with the claimant.

Verus can determine which medical records should be ordered and will coordinate with medical record acquisition companies to obtain the necessary medical records. We will work with claimants to get HiTech letters, traditional HIPAA authorization forms and other required documentation. If medical records are already available, those can be seamlessly transferred to the Verus system for review.

Medical records orders are monitored and appropriate follow-up is done to ensure all necessary records are received. In addition, record acquisition costs can be tracked on a case-by-case basis.

Whether it is in the early stages of a litigation or once a settlement agreement has been signed, Verus works with clients to understand the specific information that is needed to develop a successful claim. Medical records are then reviewed by a dedicated team trained in the specifics of each litigation.

Verus understands that things change as litigation progresses. As new developments occur, Verus can update review protocols to ensure that the work reflects the most current standards. Depending on a client’s requirements, medical records can be marked up, pages can be clipped and/or information can be presented in a report format with hyperlinks to specific records.

The legal professionals, nurses and trained document reviewers who do this work are all U.S.-based Verus employees.

Verus has the capabilities to present the results of review work in any required format, whether it’s marked up medical records or a designated format such as a plaintiff fact sheet. Verus reviewers can also produce medical chronologies outlining treatment for a specific injury or prepare enhanced injury narratives to convey a more personalized view of a plaintiff’s story.

An online portal to the LUCID platform provides our clients with a real-time view of the information and documentation for a specific claimant or a dashboard-view of the status of an entire case inventory at any time.

Once a settlement has been reached and claims are submitted, our experts can assist in negotiating with defense counsel to resolve any disputed claims. If additional documentation is required to qualify a claim, Verus can work with the claimant or medical providers to obtain that information.

Verus can provide front-line support for communication with claimants through a dedicated toll-free phone number and a project-specific email address. Verus can also make available a secure website portal to allow each claimant access to only their personal information. Verus also provides mailing services for letters and notices to claimants.

Verus can capture statute of limitations information for each claim and then monitor SOL dates, prioritizing work by SOL dates and notifying clients about upcoming SOLs.

Clients can use the online portal to the LUCID platform to view the information for a specific claimant or a dashboard-view of the status of their entire case inventory at any time. The LUCID platform provides reporting tools so law firms can quickly access the information that is of primary importance to them. Standardized reports can be designed and made available on a routine schedule and customized reports showing real-time results can be run at any time.

Verus works with law firms and does not represent individual claimants. If you believe you have been injured by a dangerous drug or defective device, you should contact an attorney.

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