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Lien Resolution Services

Most settlements of personal injury claims will require resolution of healthcare liens – whether asserted by the claimant’s private health insurance plan or a government plan Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare.  Whatever the reason, when a lien has been asserted against settlement proceeds, the party who has custody of those assets is obligated to accurately track, negotiate and report on the resolution of that lien.  Failure to comply fully with the tangle of health care lien rules and regulations can expose all parties involved in a settlement to financial risks.  Our lien resolution services are designed to comply with those rules and regulations and reduce or eliminate those risks.

Our services:

  • Determine the client’s obligation to notify health plans.
  • Assess each health plans rights to recovery, and quantification of amounts to which each plan may be entitled.
  • Online forms for receipt, validation, and transmission to lien holders of all relevant data required for reporting.
  • Reporting settlements and all required data to the lien holder.
  • Negotiation and resolution of liens through available administrative methods.
  • Disbursements to the lien holder and recording of final releases.

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