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Settlement Administration

Settling parties in complex litigation need an accountable, responsive, and transparent administrator to resolve claims effectively.  Verus offers a unique multidisciplinary approach to handling your claims administration projects.  Our highly experienced and creative professional team leverages state-of-the –art technology to manage the full life-cycle of a settlement program.  Whether the project involves a mass tort or class action, 100 claims or hundreds of thousands of claims, our team has the talent, flexibility, and drive to deliver the most effective claims resolution services available.

All of our Settlement Administration projects start with a carefully developed plan to provide a smooth onboarding experience for our clients.  Verus will work with clients to understand the details of the settlement and will be with them every step of the way to design the right approach to resolve claims quickly and completely.

Our services include:

Verus designs customized notice campaigns based on the specific make-up of settlement class members, with the goal of maximizing reach to the settlement class.  Our notice programs can include individual mailings, email, social media outreach, press releases, and advertising (print, broadcast, and online).

Verus designs and develops customized website to efficiently disseminate settlement information including notices, claim forms, filing instructions, and other helpful documentation.

Verus provides easily customizable reporting so clients can quickly understand the progress of the settlement process.  Our reporting tools go beyond the basics, providing an interactive dashboards that provides deeper insights into trends.

  • Online and mobile interfaces to allow access to information in the office or on the go.
  • Scalable system to handle any volume of claims, no matter the complexity.
  • User configurable dashboard that presents relevant information for informed decision making.
  • Customized reporting that offers statistical analysis of trends, enabling faster resolution of emerging issues and improved decision making.
  • Streamlined communication with claims filers to foster transparency and improved issue resolution throughout the claim life cycle.
  • Workflows configured to enforce settlement protocols and tuned for efficiency and quality.
  • Automated enforcement of deadlines and other settlement criteria.
  • Robust security model that offers customizable control over individual users’ security access.
  • Calendar and project management features that allows users to coordinate shared tasks and events.

Verus offers both online and call center support to ensure claimants have timely information to resolve their questions.

Our expert negotiators can assist in resolving disputed claims or claims which require special, individualized handling.

Verus will apportion settlement funds based on customized methodologies in compliance with settlement orders.

Verus will disburse settlement funds to qualified claimants once allocations have been approved.  Disbursements can take many different formats including but not limited to: checks, ACH transfers, Gift cards, etc.  Reconciliation of disbursement accounts are completed following the disbursement and is reported to the settlement.

Most settlements of personal injury claims will require resolution of healthcare liens – whether asserted by the claimant’s private health insurance plan or a government plan Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare.  Whatever the reason, when a lien has been asserted against settlement proceeds, the party who has custody of those assets is obligated to accurately track, negotiate and report on the resolution of that lien.  Failure to comply fully with the tangle of health care lien rules and regulations can expose all parties involved in a settlement to financial risks.  Our lien resolution services are designed to comply with those rules and regulations and reduce or eliminate those risks.

Our services:

  • Determine the client’s obligation to notify health plans.
  • Assess each health plans rights to recovery, and quantification of amounts to which each plan may be entitled.
  • Online forms for receipt, validation, and transmission to lien holders of all relevant data required for reporting.
  • Reporting settlements and all required data to the lien holder.
  • Negotiation and resolution of liens through available administrative methods.
  • Disbursements to the lien holder and recording of final releases.